Bandstand in Central Park

a Mainstreet Project of Seguin, Texas


A 1925 photo taken in Central Park in Seguin shows a beautiful bandstand in the background, with the local Seguin Fire Department Band assembled in front of it. This photo was the model for developing a bandstand that would return this public entertainment and gathering venue to the heart of the community in downtown Seguin's Central Park.

Even though the intent of the new Bandstand was to be a reconstruction of the historic one from the early 1900s, this was not entirely possible because new construction must meet life safety codes and handicap accessibility requirements. Aynesworth remained as true as possible to the historic design, changing the railing to allow for electrical outlets, durability and better visibility.

The ramp was problematic since it would necessarily be very large compared to the Bandstand. The ramp had to be an integral part of the Bandstand's octagonal geometry. Since the ramp length is twelve times longer than the height it rises, it was decided to set the height at thirty inches and the ramp would be thirty feet long. The architectural solution was a compact spiral ramp. Aynesworth created this unique approach to meeting the handicap accessibility requirement by designing a detached handicap ramp. This was done so that from at least two sides, the ramp is barely visible, creating the effect of seeing what the original structure likely looked like from Austin and Donegan Streets years ago.

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